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Iveco Stralis - model

We are proud to present you the new Stralis!

When designing the new Stralis, it was an important aspect that maintenance cost should be kept low. To achieve this, the two main factors, repair and fuel consumption costs have been decreased. Maintenance costs are lower as skip time is shorter due to the longer oil change period. Moreover, deck and service diagnostics have become quicker and more precise. Cursor Euro 5 engines are famous for their torque and long life span as well as for low maintenance costs. What is more, their fuel consumption is 2-5% less than that of the also economical Euro 3 versions.

Why black?

Iveco has signed a sponsoring contract with New Zealand’s national rugby team, the well-known and famous All Blacks for four years. The team is the all-time best national team with its 75% winning rate. A survey conducted by Adidas in August 2006 has shown that All Blacks are among the five best-known sport teams of the world: they are outrun by Ferrari Formula 1 team, for example, but they precede such popular football teams like Juventus or Barcelona, to mention a few. The All Black lads, these grim-looking and determined sportsmen in black strip, amaze the world with their fantastic play. It is not only their results that have imposed respect in the world, but their values: they are determined to keep their promises, and they fight desperately for the results aimed. Team spirit and power are essential values for them, as well as temperance. Since these priorities play an important role in Iveco’s business policy, too, they mediate perfectly between the two partners.

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