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general information

Bodyworks repair plant

Accidents and the resulting annoyances deriving from business interruption, insurance arrangements and repairing costs lay a heavy burden on vehicle owners.

Our aim at Levantex is to provide quick assistance for our clients in such cases.

With vehicles damaged in Hungary or abroad we provide:
  • insurance administration
  • delivery to our premises
  • electronic, engine and bodywork repair and polishing

Our repair service has got a bodywork repair plant where our staff works with years of experience.

We are contracted with most of the insurance companies and loss adjustment offices in Hungary.

Our top partners:


Allianz Hungária
  Generali Providencia
  DEKRA Expert

Services at our bodywork plant:


Loss adjustment with contracted insurance companies
  International loss adjustment through our partners
  Repair cost calculation and bid with the AUDATEX calculation system that is accepted by insurance companies
  Bodywork and chassis repairs with BlackHawk frame straightener - jigging system
  Bodywork repairs
  Polishing according to manufacturer’s colour codes
  Windscreen and window glass replacements
  Superstructure repair
  Installation of equipments (drag hook, air deflectors, tool and food storage boxes)
  We offer our rent-a-car service for the time of repairs.

Levantex Ltd. 1044 Budapest, Ipari Park u. 2, Tel: 06-1-435-3000; Fax: 06-1-230-2983